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All About the Deportation Process


What is Deportation Process?

The Deportation Process is a legal procedure that involves the removal of an individual from a location or place of residence. Within the scope of immigration law, the Deportation Process can occur for a variety of reasons:

Deportation can occur as a result of an immigrant being convicted of a criminal act; in lieu of incarceration, that individual may be given the option of expulsion from that particular country or nation

The Deportation Process can occur in the event that an individual is discovered to be residing illegally within a country or nation

Deportation can occur in the event that an individual immigrant has found themselves to become financially insoluble; they may apply for government-funded deportation

Deportation Process and Associated Forms

The completion of the following forms may be necessary with regard to the establishment of international status with regard to Deportation Process:

1. I-212 (Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the United States After Deportation or Removal)

Deportation Process Form Description:Individuals who have been previously deported from the United States of America may be given the opportunity to reapply for legal entry into the United States upon the review of their respective case(s)

Number of Pages: The form consists of 3 pages; instructions, accompanying manual, and additional information consists of 14 pages

Filing Fee and Applicable Costs: $585

Current Edition Date: 1/23/2010

2. I-881 (Application for Suspension of Deportation or Special Rule Cancellation of Removal)

Deportation Process Form Description: Individuals who qualify for relief expressed in the Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) may be eligible to appeal for the suspension of a deportation order

Number of Pages: The form consists of 8 pages; instructions, accompanying manuals, and additional information consists of 11 pages

Filing Fee and Applicable Costs: $165; an additional fee of $165 will be charged in the event that multiple individuals are sharing a single hearing

Current Edition Date: 1/23/2010

The Deportation Process and Immigration Fraud

The United States’ Department of Consular Affairs, as well as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Bureau (USCIS) explain that fraudulent immigration documentation is one of the primary forms of immigration fraud taking place within the United States of America. In response to this, all federal bureaus that handle immigration and travel stipulations have imposed strict and stringent requirements that correlate to the fulfillment of immigration and travel documentation, such as the appeal to cease Deportation.

Deportation Process Legal Assistance

Individual applicants who are unfamiliar with the process of appealing the Deportation Process are encouraged to consult an immigration attorney with regard to their individual circumstance; the completion of immigration and travel documentation requires particular care and consideration with regard to any and all expressed details within the application process – an immigration attorney can assist in the formulation of required documentation, review of applications, and authorize the legitimacy and legality of all Deportation Processappeal forms and documentation.

Deportation Process Resources

The following are a list of helpful and accredited resources that may provide assistance for those in need of information regarding the deportation process:

Upon the termination of a Visa, the individual in possession of an expired Visa must promptly report to the Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau (USCIS); the failure to do so can be classified as an illegal overstaying of a visa and can result in immediate deportation and the possibility of the future denial of access into the United States - the USCIS can be contacted through their toll-free phone number: (800) 375-5283

The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the federal branch of the United States’ department of Homeland Security (DHS) that mandates all oversight with regard to investigations involving immigration and travel-related criminal activity; in the event that you or someone you know has been made aware of immigration or travel-related criminal activity, you are encouraged to contact ICE through their toll-free phone number: (866) 347-2423

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