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3 Steps to Apply for Naturalization Citizenship

Naturalization Citizenship

Citizenship in the United States confers a number of benefits on those who qualify as such distinguished residents of the country, such as the ability to run for public office, the ability to participate in voting in elections for public office, and the capacity to bring foreign family members and spouses over as legal immigrants. However, it is not as if citizenship comes with a permanent stamp to one's forehead that allows anyone to see it and know he or she is a lawful citizen. Instead, the proof must be in the writing, or rather, the legal documentation.

A naturalization certificate is an important thing to be in the possession of a foreign-born person who becomes an American citizen through the naturalization application process. Naturalization documents must be processed and distributed by the federal government in order to ensure that these notices are delivered through the proper channels; specifically a naturalization certificate must be authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials. Some requisites and prerequisites for proper approval during the naturalization application process include:

1. Specific qualifications – While children with a right to citizenship through birth gain citizenship by virtue of their place of birth or their parents identity as U.S. citizens, still others gain citizenship under the Child Citizenship Act. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration guidelines have placed a list of detailed restrictions on who may and may not receive a naturalization certificate. Prior to completion of the naturalization application, residents must be able to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are eighteen years or older, have held their marriageasylumrefugee

2. Filing of the naturalization application form with fees – With all phases of documentation of status, visa, green card, and naturalization, the proper application forms must be filled out in the right manner and the fees must be correctly and fully assessed. Often times, an immigration and naturalization

3. The naturalization test/replacing documentation – To obtain a naturalization certificate, a final round of testing must be passed. The requirements are usually fairly minimal, however. To meet English standards, an applicant must usually be able to read and write one of three given sentences in English, pass the spoken interview completed with the submission of the naturalization application, and correctly answer six out of ten Civics questions. The process is certified completed upon a swearing of allegiance to the country, the oath of citizenship. In case the naturalization certificate is misplaced or otherwise indisposed, fees and Form N-565 for a replacement of the certificate must be submitted to Citizenship and Immigration officials.

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