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Visa Application: MUST READ

Visa Application

A Visa Application is aprocedure that is administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); separate from passports and citizenship, a visa is documented permission to enter and remain the United States for an established duration of time – this is entitled a ‘non-immigrant visa’. Non-immigrant visas are provided by the USCIS in order to allow international individuals to be employed, married, or educated within the United States; in order for a visa application to be approved, the sponsorship must occur as a result of participation from an American spouse, employer, or academic institution.

Types of Visa Applications

B-1 Visa Application: A business visa permits a visiting non-immigrant who is the proprietor of a business valuingat least 150k US dollars entry into the United States. Business visas can also be awarded to non-citizens who possess assets and monies exceeding 1M US dollars in value.

B-2Visa Application: A business tourist visa allows a non-citizen to enter the United States for a set duration of time within the realm of a business venture, endeavor, or activity; this can include travel, visitation, sight-see, or participate in business trips and/or sabbaticals.

E1 Treaty Trader Visa Application: This type of visa allows for the approved applicant to enter the United States in order to participate in investment opportunities, as well as commercial ventures; all commercial activity must not only include at least 50% involvement with the United States, but at least 51% must involve equity finances involving the United States as well.

F1 Visa Application: A student visa allows an international, non-US citizen to enter the United States in order to study and/or attend an accredited educational facility, as well as participate in training and internship placement programs.

H1B/H2B Visa Application: An employment visa can be granted to those individuals who possess special skillsets and degrees who wish to be employed in the United States; the applicants for H1B visas must satisfy the employment requirements of the application, which are limited to specialized fields and advanced educational criteria.

J-1 Visa Application: An exchange visitor visa allows a non-citizen to enter the United States in exchange for an American citizen – or lawful permanent resident – who wishes to enter that same country of origin; this process must be approved by both the USCIS as well as the governing body of the participating nation.

K-1 Visa Application: A fiancé visa allows for a non-citizen whom has chosen to marry an American citizen to enter the United States for a period not exceeding 90 days in order to be married in the United States.

TN NAFTA Work Visa Application: A TN NAFTA work visa is provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau to resident s of Canada and Mexico only. TN NAFTA Work Visas are accepted in all countries that adhere to the parameters of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); however, only full-time and part-time employment is permitted – self-employment is not afforded to recipients of these types of visas.

US Work Visa Application: A US work visa entitles a non-citizen the opportunity to be gainfully employed in the United States of America; in contrast to the H1B visa, the recipient of a US Work Visa does not need to possess a special skillset or accredited degree.

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